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Poulsbo Boat





The Poulsbo Boat Project

The Poulsbo Historical Society has been given a boat that is currently in the process of being restored. Work is progressing nicely.  This July and August, the Poulsbo Boat was in Port Hadlock as a guest of the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding.  There, considerable structural work was completed including replacement of 53 of the 72 ribs, three hull planks, the outwales and forward inwales.  The boat was returned to our Poulsbo shop space in early September where work continues.  The final and finite removal of 67 years of accumulated paint and various forms of unidentifiable compouOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnds, treatments and preservatives is slow going.

A special thanks to Hal Seaburg and David Rice for their tireless efforts.  While others have volunteered their labor, we’ve found that only so many people can work on a small boat at a given time.  More workers will be included in the near future.  What we can readily use is a small boat trailer in sound structural condition, for transporting and storing the boat when completed.  Monetary support is also needed to keep this project afloat.

It is the intent of the PHS Board that the boat be permanently displayed in a prominent location in the downtown area.  We are interacting with the city to select a suitable site.  The Board has accepted and approved naming of the boat as “Spirit of Poulsbo”. The boat will be fully functional, sea worthy and launched for special events. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For question, comments or donations, contact David Shields at 360-850-2389 or Jerry Reitan at 360-779-3374, or visit the museum located on the second floor of City Hall.