Small Group Events and Tour Options!

Martinson Cabin Museum and Poulsbo Historical Museum – Poulsbo
The Poulsbo Historical Society offers “Poulsbo Pioneer” presentations for small groups (adults and/or children) in the historic Martinson Cabin at the junction of Viking Ave, and Lindvig Way in Nelson Park.  The Martinson cabin museum provides the setting for a hands-on lesson exploring life in Washington State at the turn of the 20th century, with artifacts dating from the 1880s to 1930.

Participants will view the inside of the cabin, listen to stories of early Poulsbo, and take part in discovering the uses for a variety of early Poulsbo artifacts from the collection of the Poulsbo Historical Society. Note card 1a

We are available for group presentations during weekdays by appointment.  Each session will last approximately 60-90 minutes depending on the age and interest of the participants.  Please schedule your event at least one week before your arrival to avoid conflicts with other groups.

A small group rate of $10 is charged for groups of up to 10 participants. An additional fee of $1 per person for numbers over 10 and up to 20 is charged. The cabin is small and not able to accommodate groups of more than 24.

School Field Trip Opportunities!
Martinson Cabin Museum and Poulsbo Historical Museum – Poulsbo

For your planning purposes, there are picnic and restroom facilities available in Nelson Park.  Enter the park through the EHL Insurance drive way and turn right at the Nelson Park sign to the parking lot for bus drop-off (there is a circular driveway).  Large school bus parking is best across the street at the Fish Park parking lot.  The cabin is wheelchair accessible.

Girl Scout VisitClassroom tours of the POULSBO HISTORICAL MUSEUM at City Hall, 200 Moe St. are free during museum hours (Wed–Sat 10–4).
We can accommodate classes up to 24.  Larger groups need to be divided into two sessions. Tours are free, however, donations of $20 per group help to keep the museum doors open.

Historic Walking Tours of downtown Poulsbo are also available for classroom tours.  Each tour lasts approximately 1 hour.  There is a $20 fee per class (up to 24) for a walking tour.

Checks should be made out to Poulsbo Historical Society, payable on arrival.
Reservations are required. Call the Historical Society at 440.7354 or

Historic Walking Tours of downtown Poulsbo are available by appointment for groups of 2 or more. Each tour lasts approximately 1 hour. Participants see the sites of the mosquito fleet docks, the Mouse House, Orphans Home, the Poulsbo Fire, Young’s Poulsbo boat shop, other early businesses, and hear the stories attached to those sites.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Walking tours are $5/participant. If a family of from 4-10 wishes a tour, there is a $20 charge/family. Because of Poulsbo’s narrow sidewalks, groups of more than 10 will be divided into two sections
Reservations are required. Please schedule your walking tour 48 hours before your arrival so that we can notify our tour guides. Call the Historical Society at 360.440.7354

Other Contact Information:
US Mail: PO Box 844 Poulsbo WA 98370
Checks should be made out to Poulsbo Historical Society, payable on arrival for the tour.

*** Poulsbo Historical Society accepts cash and checks***