Thank you for supporting Poulsbo history!

Your gift to PHS helps keep our three museums open, provides virtual and online content, funds our education program, and allows us to preserve our extensive archive of historical artifacts.

Please use the “write a note” line on the donation page to share information about your gift.

Establish a Memorial Gift

When designating PHS as a donation point for a memorial, all that is necessary is to have it included at the end of the obituary, whether that is filed at the funeral home or in the newspaper or on-line.

Memorials should be sent to:
Poulsbo Historical Society
PO Box 844
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Memorials go into the general fund unless the sender (or the family in the obituary) specifically requests it to be used for the Capital Campaign or a specific activity.

When a memorial donation is received, our financial clerk enters it into our museum software and generates a thank you letter to the donor.  These letters are personalized so that they are not just a “form” letter.  In addition, one of our volunteers keeps a list of the donors, and after several are received, she writes a personal note to the family and sends them the list.  Should more donations come in later, she will send additional notes as needed to advise the family of the donations.


Qualified Charitable Distributions

If you have an IRA and are 73 years old, you may have heard about your Required Minimum Distribution or RMD. This is the smallest amount you must withdraw from your retirement plan every year. But did you know that making a charitable gift (called a qualified charitable distribution, QCD) from your retirement plan can satisfy your RMD – without raising your tax bracket? Unlike a regular withdrawal from an IRA, a qualified charitable distribution is excluded from your taxable income, making this a smart, efficient way to give.

Making a qualified charitable distribution is very straightforward: just contact your IRA custodian and let them know how much you’d like to donate and to which charity. PHS’s contact information is below for easy access. The IRA custodian will make the gift directly and will provide you with the appropriate documentation at tax time. Gifts must be made by December 31 to count for that year. This is a simple and powerful way to support causes you love! Click here to read more about donating to a charity using a QCD.